>  Product & Process development partner


Hobok provides and performs technical & intellectual Services, in/ex Situ, in Product/Process Engineering & Management, throughout the Projects/Products life cycle, of industry ; technologies & services firms.

Process Engineering

Assistance to manufacturing & production works :

> Manufacturing/assembly process.
> Quality management & assurance.

Product Engineering

Assistance to mechanical design & engineering works :

> 3D design & Data management.


Assistance to office and management  works :

> Project management.

Who we are

>  Company

Hobok Consulting is an engineering & consulting start-up firm, that aims to implement engineering concepts and to use technology tools for developing processes, products and Services, while developing best practices allowing to achieve more sustainable outcomes.

Hobok combines passion and talent of its Human capital, that are leveraged to meeting various challenges and to providing Solutions efficiently integrated into the Customers' value chain.

>  Mission

Hobok offers assistance to its customers operating in industries, technologies & services, in a way to contribute to a better operational excellence throughout their Projects/Products life cycle, by acting as a reliable ; agile and value creating partner.

How we work

Our Commitments

>  Responsibility

Appropriate working conditions are an essential key for success, that's why Hobok sticks to codes of Ethics & Responsibility; and makes sure that activities are conducted in accordance with standards of Administration compliance and information security.

>  Quality

In order to offer the best quality of service, Hobok is committed to implement and work according to standard practices of Quality management :
  -> regarding deliverables : in the way to ensure compliance to customers requirements,
  -> regarding working methods : in a manner to maintain best internal efficiency.

Our Culture

>  Human Factor

Human capital being an essential pilar of progress, Hobok is willing to contribute to its preservation & promotion, by considering the human factor during various interactions with the ecosystem.

>  Environment

Environment is Home, preserving it is for our good ! Hobok takes part of this challenge and makes sure to keep environment friendly running of its activities, by implementing the appropriate best practices.


"Feeding sustainable growth, by acting on products & services for a better living environment, is the best Talent & Passion outcomes "